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Injection Molding In Mexico

plastic mouldingPlastic molding in Mexico is sometimes necessary in order to win contracts from major companies, but there are a few things you need to know before jumping in and setting up shop.

Most people already know that doing business in Mexico is not the same as the US, Asia or Europe, no surprise. Yet it is not as complicated as might be supposed, for the most part. This is because Mexico is a developing country and has many international players already doing business there.

The businesses on the US border, the maquiladoras, have their own set of spoken and unspoken rules, and the companies in the interior face many of the same rules, but also other complications.

It is a fact of life that you often must pay people to do what they are already getting paid to do. This is another way of saying you have to pay bribes. One time I even had to pay the guard at the American embassy just to let my friend enter with me, even though she had every right to. You just have to get used to it.

Outsourcing plastic molding to Mexico

It is extremely helpful to have a native with you when making these bribes, or shall we call them costs of doing business? This is because the native knows the ropes and can save you a ton of money. Sort of like haggling over the cost of a garment in the open air marketplace. You might be tempted to pay $40 and your native friend walks away with the same thing for $20.

Mexicans are also keenly aware of social norms, such as men walking on the street side of a woman. While this might seem insignificant to an American, it means lot to them. Paying for meals, dressing properly, eating with good table manners, shining your shoes and the like all mean much more to them that to most foreigners.

Finding molding supplies

Once you get set up and are actually in the process of molding plastic parts, you will discover that it is not so easy to call up the local supplier of accessories or tooling and get your part the next day. In fact, you may not get it at all! Next day does not mean the same thing in Mexico as in the US. The laid back attitude of doing tomorrow what could be done today is the negative side of the pleasant nature of the country.

It is wise to take the time to try and set up a good order and delivery system for things like hot runner system parts, plastic pellets, thermolators, driers, chillers, granulators, heating bands, robotics, and all the usual components that seem to need work just when it is least desirable.

Some areas do not support FedEx or UPS, and this can be a real drawback to plastic molding in Mexico. Make sure that you have a reliable delivery system available before attempting to just push your way through. It is not going just work out, it must already be in place and functioning properly.

Plastic molding training in Mexico

Another factor is the workforce. Many Mexicans are not accustomed to showing up on time and being punctual in general. It takes training to get a semi-skilled workforce to show up on time and leave on time. One friend of mine, from Columbia, thought she could come and go whenever she thought it convenient!

Also, be aware of the machismo attitude of men there. They do not like to be shown to be wrong and have a hard time with anything that might make them appear weak or incompetent. This can make for some very time consuming conflicts.

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