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The Plastic Molding Source is a great reference dedicated to serving the plastic molding industry. You will find technical articles, listings of molding machine manufacturers, resin manufacturers and equipment suppliers. 

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Plastic molding       

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Types Of Plastic Molding

 Injection Molding

 Blow Molding


 Silicone Molding

 Vacuum Forming


 Silicon Rubber

 Stack Molding

 Metal Injection



 Insert Molding

Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers
 Engel  Netstal  Sumitomo  Arburg
 Milicron  Mitsubishi  Toshiba  Haitian
 Battenfeld  Demag  Niigata  Nissei

Plastic Resin Manufacturers
 Dow Corning DuPont  GE Plastics/Sabic Ashland/Nexeo
 BASF Bayer  EMS-Grivory Sumitomo
 Ube Industries Solvay  Sinopec Mitsubishi

Plastic Molding Equipment Suppliers
 Conair Group Mokon Advantage MSC Direct
 AEC Matsui   Grainger Sumitomo
 Wittman Solvay  PPE DRI-AIR Industries







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